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If your interest in video games has also made you interested in doing target practice in real life, it’s worth mentioning that shooting in a game is vastly different from shooting in real life. While you might think that some of your skills would transfer over, the truth of the matter is that being good at shooting video games won’t actually make you any better at target practice in reality. So before you try target practice for the first time, here are three things to know about guns that video games won’t teach you.

How To Load A Firearm

When you’re playing a video game where you shoot a gun, all you have to do is push a button to load the gun and shoot. But in actuality, loading a firearm can be much more complicated. If you have never done this before in real life, it may be very challenging for you to figure it out by yourself at first.

One of the hardest parts about this that you won’t learn from any video game, according to Lindsay Grace, a contributor to CNN, is what ammunition to use. Each type of firearm is going to require different ammunition. You can’t just get random bullets to use in the gun you’ll take to target practice. So if you’re going to do some target practice, make sure you have the right ammunition for the firearm you’re using.

The Skill Of Aiming

Aiming a firearm in real life is vastly different than aiming in a video game.

Erik Kain, a contributor to, shares that not only are the mechanics of aiming very different when you’re using a sight or a scope on an actual gun, but everything that comes along with aiming can’t be prepared for just by playing video games. You can know how heavy the firearm will be, how much recoil you’ll experience, or just how loud the sound will be once you fire.

Firearm Maintenance

When playing video games, it’s very common to just get rid of a gun once you can’t shoot anymore. But in real life, people keep their guns and must maintain them between different times of use.

As part of this maintenance, you need to learn how to legally obtain a firearm, how to clean the firearm after using it, how to safely keep the firearm stored when you’re not using it, how to properly get a conceal carry permit and equipment, and much more. Firearms take care and responsibility, and you have to be willing to do what’s required in order to stay safe and have fun.

If you’ve been thinking that your time playing video games would transfer over easily when shooting for target practice, consider how the skills and information presented above can’t be learned through a screen.