Spintires got a major update and new DLC

Good news for mudders, muddin’ folks, and off-road enthusiasts of all stripes: The original Spintires has a brand new update and DLC. Though it’s some six years old, current developer Oovee Games has admirably spent the last year lavishing updates on the game. The 1.6 update has revamped some major parts of the game, deeply […]

Here’s a mod that turns Mechwarrior 5 into an RTS

I like Mechwarrior 5 just fine, you say to yourself, but what if it was an RTS? Well, modders love you. They love you almost as much as they love the long-lost MechCommander series. Mechcommander Mercenaries is a mod for Mechwarrior 5 that turns the game into an RTS...