Intel Comet Lake’s announcement date is swiftly approaching, according to recent rumours. El Chapuzas Informatico reports that Intel’s long-awaited 10th Gen desktop CPUs will be announced on April 30, 2020, although you’ll have to wait until May to hear more on performance—and perhaps even longer to get your hands on ’em.

We’re yet to hear final confirmation on Intel Comet Lake’s release date from Chipzilla itself, so we’ll take what we can get—and regardless of the rumour mill we don’t expect Intel to hold off on its latest chips much longer. If you were to have told me last year that even by March 2020 we wouldn’t have word one on Intel’s 10th Gen on desktop, I’d have probably guessed at an April release date—I’d also hope you’d pre-warn me to buy more toilet paper.

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