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10 Best Games Released In May 2022

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It’s with a heavy heart that I say that May is officially gone, and we are now in June. And though June is a month that many will say is a “boon for gaming”, that’s not to say that May didn’t have some of that too. So allow us to show you the 10 Best Games Released In May 2022

#10 Little Witch in the Woods

In the world of Little Witch in the Woods, witches are sent to various places to live with one another and grow their skills. This happens especially for the young apprentice witches…which you are now going to play.

Be Ellie, a young witch who is trying to get her license, and must do a variety of tasks in order to prove herself worthy!

Learn all sorts of spells, make potions, help people, and grow the world in a way that a truly NICE witch would be proud of. All the while being a part of a fantasy world that is just begging to be enjoyed and explored.

So, are you ready to be a witch?

#9 Evil Dead: The Game


The Evil Dead franchise is one that has been a fan-favorite since its first movies came out. And when the spinoffs, sequel series, and more happened, fans ate it up.

So now, with Evil Dead: The Game, you’ll be able to live out your dreams as playing as some of the best characters of the game, or being the monsters that try and kill said characters.

Yes, this is the 4V1 style play that you’re used to by now, but that’s not a bad thing necessarily. It’s full of references to Evil Dead, and the challenge is tough. So go get your best Boomstick and see if you can survive the horrors to come.

#8 My Time at Sandrock

If you’re familiar with My Time At Portia, you’re already well-versed in what’s going to happen in My Time at Sandrock. In this game, a great calamity has happened, and 300 years later, people are still trying to rebuild the world.

You are brought to a place called Sandrock and asked to be their newest “builder”, with the goal of restoring the community and all within it to the former glory that it had.

Craft, explore, go and meet unique NPC, do whatever it takes to have fun, see the world, and make it as you want it. You’ll have plenty to do in this game, so don’t miss out on a single thing.

#7 Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate Daemonhunters

When it comes to the Warhammer universe, they have a LOT of fun trying to put fun twists on the various formulas they use to make gameplay unique and exciting.

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate Daemonhunters is another example of that.

You are going to be the leader of the Grey Knights, a mysterious group who are tasked with rooting out the forces of chaos (CHAOS!!!) throughout the stars. In this tactical RPG, go and see just how grand the Grey Knights are, how dangerous the forces of Chaos are, and whether you are truly able to stop what is coming.

#6 Hardspace: Shipbreaker

There are all sorts of space games out there for people to enjoy, but it’s the ones that do something different that truly stand out from the crowd. And Hardspace: Shipbreaker is one that very much does that.

In this game, you’re not flying a spaceship, you’re salvaging them. You’re going into zero-g space and must use a variety of tools to salvage the best parts you can from the ships, and then use them to make money, get more contracts, get better tools, and ensure a future payday for you.

So yeah, this isn’t your typical game, but you might just find some joy in the newer style of gameplay, and the challenges that this could offer you if you give it a try.

#5 V Rising

V Rising is for those who have a vampire itch that they absolutely need scratched. You’ll rise from the depths as a vampire who is at their weakest, but with the goal of becoming stronger than they’ve ever been.

Now, you’re on the mission to make that happen. You’ll need to siphon the blood of others, avoid the sun at all costs, and then build up your castle and forces to take on those who would want you to die.

Play the game alone, or team up with fellow vampires and make a true empire to rule it all. Stay out of the light, and go rule the night.

Or don’t, and die, have to admit…that would suck.

#4 10 Minutes Till Dawn

Do you like free stuff? Good, because we have free stuff for you! Here we have 10 Minutes Till Dawn, the free version of the game 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

In this roguelike game, you’ll play as one of several different characters, choose their loadouts to see what is best to take on an literal unending wave of monsters! You’ll have to survive for 10 minutes, and if you fail? You’ll have to start all over again.

But fear not, you have options, and those options might just save your life. So find out the best characters to use, the loadouts and weapons to wield, and see if you can survive the full 10 minutes.

Then get the full game and see if you can survive 20!

#3 We Were Here Forever

We Were Here Forever is a mystery and an adventure that is sure to get your heart racing in a variety of ways.

You and another are trapped at the mysterious “Castle Rock”, which just happens to be located in Antarctica. The problem? You have no idea why you’re there. You must now team up with the other person trapped there and find out the truth, and figure out if you can escape the icy prison you’re now stuck in.

This is a true two-person co-op title, so you’ll need to be ready to work together to solve puzzles, find the clues, and solve the mystery as you also try and survive all that Castle Rock throws as you.

Think you can handle that?

#2 Outward Definitive Edition

When it comes to definitive editions, the goal is to make them the truly best versions of what came before, and in regards to Outward Definitive Edition, that is indeed what you’re getting.

“Outward delivers an immersive RPG experience coupled with survival gameplay, offering a deeply-rewarding challenge for the most avid gamers.”

We’re sure that line will intrigue many of you to at least check it out, if not try it out.

You are a regular person in this world, but this world is not regular. So you’ll need to be ready for the challenges ahead. But you don’t have to fight alone! Team up in co-op, build a city that you can be proud to live in, and more.

#1 Sniper Elite 5

The Sniper Elite series is one that has been going on for a while, and the latest came out in May via Sniper Elite 5. The game boasts arguably some of the best gameplay from the series so far. Including having even better cameras to allow you to snipe enemies with incredible ease and precision.

Furthermore, there is a massive campaign awaiting you. One that will take you to various locations set across the world and ask you to complete all sorts of missions both big and small.

You can also do missions in co-op, or go up against other players from around the world in various PVP modes!

So customize your rifle the way you want, and get your sights on the target.