July 22, 2024


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奇蹟MU:大天使 (a.k.a. MU Archangel 2) Is Coming to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao this Spring, Pre-Register Now


Webzen has just announced that MU Archangel 2, the latest game set in the popular and enduring MU universe, is due to land in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao this spring, following its launch in South Korea last September.

Pre-registrations are open now on Android iOS, and you can also register on the official MU Archangel 2 website. Either way, signing up will let you earn in-game bonus items and an exclusive event title when the game goes live in your region. 

Webzen’s MU series was originally conceived way back in 2001 with the PC MMORPG MU Online. Since then the franchise has gone mobile. Smartphone spinoffs MU Origin, MU Origin 2, and MU Archangel have attracted millions of downloads and a legion of fans over the last half-decade. 

And now MU Archangel 2 is taking the series forward. 

Featuring game elements that longtime fans of the series are bound to appreciate, including original characters and the original user interface, MU Archangel 2 is looking to remain true to its source material while shaking things up with a new group character growth system. 

For the first time in MU history you’ll be able to play with three characters simultaneously: Dark Wizard, Dark Knight, and Elf. That means you’ll have access to 50 different combinations of skills and traits, giving you plenty of scope to create the right squad for the right situation. 

Otherwise, you can expect to take part in another expansive fantasy romp across the MU universe, visiting dozens of environments and slaying a huge variety of otherworldly beasts in challenging real-time battles. 

Along with a pre-registration campaign, Webzen is hosting a share and comment event on its official Facebook page. Click on the link to get involved. 

You can pre-register for MU Archangel 2 right now on the Google Play Store, the App Store, and on the official MU Archangel 2 website. 


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